New pictures are added on our Instagram account on a very regular basis.

There’s already lots of pictures on there posted by teachers working on the summer internship 2014!

Tag us in your pictures! @(teachenglishinchina)

Summer internship 2011 (Huzhou) Paid Teaching 2009-2010 (Tiantai) Paid Teaching 2010-2011 (Xuzhou)
Paid teaching 2010-2011 (Shijiazhuang) Paid teaching 2009-2010 (Guangshui) Summer internship 2011 (Xuzhou)
Summer internship 2011 (Shaoxing) Paid teaching 2010-2011 (Wuhan) Paid teaching 2010-2011 (Ningbo)
Summer internship 2010 (Shenzhen) Sightseeing Qingdao Sightseeing Shanghai
Sightseeing Beijing Sightseeing Wuhan XuZhou teacher school and kindergarten
Summer Internship 2009 (Xuzhou) XiaoShan Summer internship accommodation Paid Teach Programme in Wuhan - housing
Xuzhou Paid Teaching 2006-2007 (Wuhan) Sightseeing Wuhan 2007