We work with a number of trusted schools and organisations across China to offer a variety of long-term placement options, with start dates throughout the year.

Our strong links with both private and state schools in China mean that you have the choice between witnessing Chinese public education first-hand, or gaining experience in a highly regarded and increasingly popular private language institute. If you wish to apply with a friend or partner, we will endeavour to place you in the same location.

With placements beginning every 3 months, you are never too far from the opportunity of a lifetime!

State School Placement

Teach in a Chinese state school and gain a unique insight into how the majority of Chinese students learn. As a public school teacher, you will have flexibility in what you teach and how you teach it, giving you a unique opportunity to make a difference to students’ English education.

✓  Work Monday – Friday
✓  Teach for 15 – 25 hours per week
✓  Options in Shanghai and Beijing
✓  Range of age groups available
✓  Attend a 2 week training camp

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Private School Placement

Work in a Private Language Institute and teach small classes of enthusiastic students to speak your native tongue. As part of a dedicated team of experienced foreign and Chinese teachers, you are sure to develop your teaching skills and form a strong bond with both your colleagues and your students.

✓ Work at a well-respected school
✓ Teach for 25 hours per week
✓ Opportunity to progress within business
✓ Work alongside several foreign teachers
✓ Receive ongoing training

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Paid Teaching FAQ’s

To get a Work Visa for China, you will need to present a degree certificate. You can apply during your final year of university if you will graduate before you go to China.
No. Mandarin is not a requirement to teach in China. In primary school classes, you will usually have a Mandarin speaking assistant to help you. That said, attempting to learn a bit will make your life a lot easier and more rewarding.
Yes. We give applicants the chance to apply with a friend/partner and we will endeavor to place you in the same school/city.
Yes. To work legally in China, you will need to obtain a Z Work Visa, which can only be done when you have a school.
You will need to obtain a police check from your home country before you can begin your placement. This is a requirement for schools to issue a working visa.
Your school will cover you for any accidents at work or in your city, however it is vital that you take out a travel insurance policy that will cover you for any travel outside of your city or China. We recommend taking out a policy that covers you for repatriation, in the event of emergency. It’s also a good idea to think about any extra activities you wish to do that may require an additional level of cover.

We work with an insurer that offers a long-stay policy for £270 per year. More information can be found here.

Initially you will need to pay for your flight to China, however this will be reimbursed by your school upon completion of your contract. Some schools place a limit on the amount they will reimburse (usually 10,000 RMB), so check your contract carefully.
Life in China is very affordable, however prices tend to be much higher in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. Despite this, the salary you receive will be relative to the cost of living and most of our teachers manage to travel, eat out and save.
If you choose the Standard Serviced option, Teach English In China will support you from the moment you enrol, to the end of your placement. You will be invited to an Orientation Day, during which you will receive lesson planning advice, training and an introductory Mandarin lesson. We also provide support and advice with the visa application process and continued contact during your placement.
China is generally a safe country and you will likely be welcomed by locals, who are generally very friendly towards foreigners. You should of course always take precautions, particularly in big cities where pick-pocketing is common. You will be assigned a contact person in China who is independent of the school who can help you with any other emergencies during your placement.
You will need to open a Chinese bank account, as this is where your salary will be paid into. When you arrive at your school, an English speaking colleague will take you to the bank the school uses to help you open an account. This is quite a simple process and you will walk out with your new bank card and be able to use it right away.
If you work in a state school, your regular working days will be Monday-Friday, whereas in private schools you could be working from Wednesday-Sunday. Whichever school type you choose, you will have two days off per week. There are occasions when everyone in China is expected to work the odd weekend following a national holiday, but this is not very frequent and you will be forewarned.
No matter which school type you work in (public or private), you will have opportunities to travel. Though, those who work in state schools will have more free time to do so.