Why Teach in China?

We have placed over 900 teachers on long-term and short-term placements in China since 2005.

Most individuals come into this experience with no formal teaching practise or knowledge of Mandarin prior to going to China, but with bags of enthusiasm. There’s a lot of skills and life experience to be gained by working in China, and placements like ours are ideal jobs for recent graduates, or for someone looking to do something different with their summer. Here are what we think are the five of the benefits of teaching in China:

Personal Growth

Teaching in China is an unforgettable experience. You will be asked to take charge of a class of Chinese students, make new friends and explore China’s rich culture.

Over the course of your time in China you will experience unexpected things and be taken out of your comfort zone, but you will change as a person and acquire new skills and life experience. The freedom to travel and rewarding nature of the job will leave you with rich memories for life.

Valuable Work Experience

Teaching in China will enable you to develop many skills that are transferable to other types of work than teaching.

You will lead a class of students and develop a good public presence and leadership skills. The text books and teaching materials are provided, but the pace of the class and the way in which you present it is up to you. Planning and time management are crucial, as well as the ability to develop a good rapport with your students and do your best to understand their values. This means that you will be in good stead working in culturally diverse environments in the future whilst getting the most of your classes.

Experience everyday life in China

Teaching in China is a good way to really integrate yourself in everyday life in Asia. Your accommodation will be close to the school and your day to day life will be more like that of a local, not a tourist. One of the fantastic things about our placements is that you will get to know your surrounding area well, eating at family restaurants, making friends with your colleagues and taking opportunities to travel. At the school you will have some foreign colleagues, but you will also socialise with Chinese staff who will likely take you under their wing and want to show you their favourite foods or places. From the moment you arrive you will get to know a lot of people and get a good idea of what life in China is like.

Begin a teaching career

Our placements are designed to suit people going down any career path. However, if you are considering teaching in the future, a placement like ours is an extremely hands on and immersive way to find out whether or not the job is for you. In China, you will be able to plan and lead your own classes and take on real responsibility. It allows you to lay down the foundations for a career you may then decide to further through programs like Teach First or a PGCE.

Make a difference in the classroom

Students in your classes will all have studied English before they work directly with you. They may vary in ability but they should all have a basic understanding of the language. However, it is highly likely that the students will have been taught purely by a Chinese English teacher rather than by someone for who speaks it as their first language.

The students in China are very keen to learn English from a native speaker and will want to make the most of their time with you and ask plenty of questions. They will be interested in any kind of context you can provide to their learning, from role plays about special holidays to photographs of your life in the UK. Some students may even be planning to attend universities in English speaking countries in the future, so you can be extremely helpful in their application process.