We really enjoy meeting people who are interested in our programmes and China in general. We frequently attend careers fairs and give presentations at universities across the country to give you the chance to meet our team and ask us questions.

We also run the occasional networking event, to which anyone with experience or an interest in China is invited. Spaces at these events are limited, so if you wish to attend, simply complete our registration form to secure a place.

We hope you can find an upcoming event near you, but if you can’t please get in touch and we look into the possibility of arranging one!

Tuesday 17th March                        University of Nottingham, presentation, 1pm

Tuesday 28th April                          Networking Event in London, 7pm, you can sign up for it here

Thursday 30th April                        University of Leeds, careers fair, 10:30am -5pm


Email us for more information about any of the events: info@teach-english-in-china.co.uk

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