Mandarin Learning Resources

Ben Pearce recently returned to the UK after four years living and working in Haining. He has reached an excellent standard of Mandarin and is now teaching the language to students of various ages in London. In this blog, he shares some of his top tips to help you get started with learning Mandarin.



The True Cost of Living in China

April 5th, 2021|

The cost of living in China can vary depending on where you live. If you live in either Shanghai or [...]

Don’t Forget to Breathe

April 1st, 2021|

By James Prescott-Kerr When you’re abroad and know you have limited time in your new destination, you may feel pressured [...]

Life After Quarantine: My First Two Weeks in China

March 22nd, 2021|

Once I left quarantine, I was intrigued to experience the “real” China. You are constantly told that China is the [...]

How to Bounce Back from a Bad Lesson

February 26th, 2021|

By Oscar Meyrick, teacher in Xuzhou (2017-2019) So, you’ve just had a bad lesson. Maybe your students were distracted and naughty, perhaps they were half asleep and there wasn’t any energy, or maybe you just couldn’t get them to understand the material. […]

Teacher Black: My Year in China, by James-Prescott Kerr

February 24th, 2021|

When @jamesprescottkerr packed his bags and headed to Changzhou in 2015, he had no idea his adventure would later become [...]

The End of My First Year Teaching in China

June 22nd, 2020|

By Shawn Wright, Teacher in Nanjing 2019 – 2020 With the end of the school year looming, it’s been a [...]

Life After Lockdown in Nanjing

May 25th, 2020|

By Shawn Wright, Teacher in Nanjing 2019 – 2020 It’s been around 6 weeks since I was released from quarantine. [...]

What A 14-Day Quarantine in China Was Like

April 26th, 2020|

By Shawn Wright, Teacher in Nanjing 2019 – 2020 My experience of mandatory quarantine in China wasn’t nearly as bad [...]

Essential apps for your time in China

March 27th, 2020|

By Shawn Wright, Teacher in Nanjing 2019 – 2020 As I’m sure you may well know, all of the schools [...]

How to Build a Rapport with your Students

March 16th, 2020|

Natasha Lock, State School Teacher in Suzhou It’s true what they say, first impressions are everything. And even more so [...]

The Run Up to Chinese New Year

March 10th, 2020|

By Shawn Wright, Teacher in Nanjing 2019 – 2020 Everyone’s favourite period of the Chinese school year was here, Spring [...]

How Did Moving to China Impact my Future? What’s Next?

February 25th, 2020|

By Jessie, teacher on our Private School Teaching Program in Fuzhou, 2017-onwards Often times both before and during my trip [...]