Applying from the US

If you are a US citizen looking for the chance to teach English in China, you may not have considered the possibility of using a UK based company to find your ideal placement, but it’s more straightforward than you might think!

Over the years, Teach English In China has successfully placed several non-British candidates in locations across China and has built an international community of teachers, enabling us to provide country specific visa application support and guidance. Whether or not you are based in the UK, you will receive dedicated support from the Teach English In China team in the run up to and during your placement.

To make our programs and services more accessible for US based applicants, we have recruited an American team member to be your primary contact and to provide local support and advice in the run up to your placement. Here you can find more information about applying to a Teach English In China program from the United States and what you can expect.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel, where our US recruiter will be talking about Teach English In China and why you should consider us to help you find a placement in China.


Absolutely. Our partner schools and institutes are always looking for native English speakers to teach in cities all over China and though we are a UK based company, we can help you find your ideal placement. Our UK team is available during working hours to assist with any program related queries and our US recruiter will guide you through the visa process and anything else specific to applying from the US.
You will not be required to travel to the UK at all during the application or pre-departure period. Our application process is all online based and you will need to be in the US to apply for your visa. Of course, should you wish to use this as an opportunity to visit the UK, that is possible, but you will need to do so once the visa process has been completed.

Whether you choose to fly from the US or the UK, your school will reimburse your flights.

Not at all. We offer a pre-departure Orientation Day in London to all applicants, however if you are unable to make this, you will be sent all of the information from the day and be invited to an Orientation Webinar to help you prepare. We aim to ensure all candidates head to China feeling confident and prepared and being based outside of the UK doesn’t change this.

With our Private School Programme option there is no Orientation Day, so if you are looking to prepare in the same way as all applicants, this is a good option.

US applicants will need to apply in the same way as everyone else, by sending a CV and covering letter to Following successful review of your application, a member of our team will be in touch to arrange an interview. This will be held over Skype or international call with a member of our UK team.
Our program fees have been converted into USD and are on each individual program page. See below for an overview of the fees we charge per program:

Program Fee (USD)
State School Paid Teaching August $840
State School Paid Teaching February $520
Private School Paid Teaching $190 (refundable deposit)
Summer Internship $585
Homestay 1 month $710
Homestay 2 months $815
Homestay 3 months $920

Yes. Part of the service we offer is help with the visa application process and our US based recruiter, Melissa, knows the visa application process for US citizens inside out will guide you through it. Upon enrolment onto a programme, you will be sent detailed information on applying for your visa from the US and Melissa will be available to answer any visa-related questions you may have.

She can be reached using the contact details on this page. Please note, Melissa works part time and will respond to enquiries on Fridays. If your query is urgent, you can contact our UK team.

Teach English In China was established in 2005 and has been working with a number of trusted schools and organisations across the country since then. Each member of our team has spent time in China and we share a passion for learning about the culture and helping others to do so too. Thanks to our excellent reputation in China, we offer a wide range of placement options, in terms of location, age group and duration, enabling us to help applicants find their perfect placement.

By joining a Teach English In China programme, you will join a growing community of teachers from across the world and get the chance to meet people from all over. Melissa, our US recruiter, explains in a vlog why she chose us to help her find a placement in China and why you should too.


 US Contact

Melissa Gilstrap is an experienced English teacher from Missouri, who has a great interest in China and Chinese language. She can help answer any questions you may have about applying from the US and teaching. Find out more about Melissa here.

Get in touch with Melissa:

00 1 573-612-5928