In Chinese culture, guests are treated with the utmost respect and kindness. The schools and families we work with all want their foreign guests to live comfortably and happily and enjoy their time in China. Therefore, though the style of accommodation offered on each of our programmes differs, one thing they all have in common is a good standard.


Long-Term Placement

All of our partnering schools on the Long-term Placement except for those in Shanghai (see below), will provide teachers with free accommodation. In most cases, teachers are housed in an individual apartment, or a room within an apartment shared with another foreign teacher. Accommodation is usually in an apartment block owned by the school and where other foreign teachers at the school live.

Such accommodation is often simple, but comfortable and equipped with all the essentials such as a bed, TV, shower and air conditioning. Depending on your school’s policy, you may or may not need to pay utility bills. This will be outlined in your contract, along with the type of accommodation you should expect. Accommodation provided by the school will likely be within walking distance or a short bus/taxi ride from where you will teach.


In Shanghai, it is uncommon for schools to provide accommodation as part of the contract. Rather, you will be responsible for finding accommodation in a suitable location. Though this sounds intimidating, you will be given a housing allowance from your school to help pay your rent and you will have a contact at the school who will help you to find and secure suitable accommodation.

Summer Internship

Accommodation on the Summer Internship Programme is of a good standard and is provided as part of the programme. Interns typically stay with other interns of the same sex in either a shared hotel room or a single room within a shared apartment. Accommodation is usually within walking distance of the teaching location and is furnished with all the essentials, meaning that you can live comfortably throughout the duration of your placement.

Homestay Programme

Homestay Programme participants will stay with a Chinese family in a large city such as Beijing or Shenzhen. Typically, families in such cities live in flats of varying sizes within large apartment blocks, however the families we work with all have the capacity to provide simple yet comfortable single room accommodation for their guest.

In most cases, you will share a bathroom with your host family. This will be a western style bathroom equipped with a western toilet.