Huzhou is a prefecture-level city located on the south bank of Taihu Lake in northern Zhejiang Province. With a population of 2,625,600, it’s considered small by Chinese standards, and therefore little known to many outside the Middle Kingdom. Despite this, the city boasts a wealth of attractions and offers visitors a unique insight into modern-day China outside of the big cities. The city’s advantageous location means it’s easy to travel to the better-known destinations of Shanghai and Hangzhou, which lie only 75 and 160 kilometres respectively from Huzhou.

This humble city located just outside of the hustle and bustle of the Eastern metropolises is available on our 2-week Summer Teaching Programme, and it’s the perfect destination for anyone looking to gain an authentic China experience whilst being well positioned to travel.

Teaching in Huzhou

As a Summer Teacher in Huzhou, you will be responsible for planning and leading your own lessons with the aim of improving students’ conversational skills. The camp takes place in a Primary/Middle School that specialises in teaching English to students aged 8-14. As a Summer Teacher in Huzhou, you will be responsible for planning and leading your own lessons with the aim of improving students’ conversational skills.


Following arrival in Huzhou, you’ll be given a syllabus, a class timetable and a teaching assistant. Though you should aim to cover all topics outlined in the syllabus, you have the freedom to use your creativity and imagination to make your classes a bit different.

Your teaching assistant (often a student from a local university) will help you with lesson planning and classroom management. Classes usually consist of around 30-40 students, so you’ll soon find your TA is a great help in executing your lesson plan. This person will also be your main contact throughout the placement and will help answer any questions that arise.


Summer Teachers in Huzhou will be expected to teach for a maximum of 4.5 hours per day, made up by 3 lessons of 2 x 40 mins. Each lesson block is followed by a short break to give you and your students a chance to relax.

Food & Accommodation

We provide our Huzhou Summer Teachers accommodation in a nearby hotel for the duration of the placement. The hotel is equipped with comfortable beds, a bathroom and air-conditioning.

Teachers are required to share a hotel room with another participant of the same sex.

The hotel provides a daily breakfast for all teachers, while the school caters for lunch and dinner. This is the perfect opportunity to try well-prepared authentic Chinese dishes.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Huzhou Summer School is very fun and active, and there’s always something going on. When they aren’t in class, students take part in various activities like water fights, basketball matches and dumpling making classes. Though participation is optional, we advise our teachers to join activities where possible to make the most of the experience.

Each year towards the end of the camp, the school lays on a talent show which foreign teachers are encouraged to join. It’s the perfect opportunity to put your hidden talents to use, or to simply have a laugh!


Outside of teaching hours, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to visit local attractions like Nanxun Ancient Town, Mogan Mountain, Taihu Lake and Feiying Pagoda. Following the placement, it’s possible to stay on and travel with the new friends you’ve made. Why not visit nearby Shanghai or Hangzhou, or even head further afield to Beijing, Guilin, Guangzhou or Xi’an!

Interested in teaching English in Huzhou? Find out more about our Summer Teaching Programme, or apply now to start your summer adventure!