Often confused with the similar sounding ‘Suzhou’, Xuzhou is a major city in Jiangsu Province lying almost halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. Despite being a major national transport hub and an important link between north and south China, it’s little known outside the nation’s borders. Though its rich cultural relics, beautiful gardens and important role in Chinese history make it a hidden gem that’s worth discovering.

This historical city is available on our 7-week Summer Teaching Programme and is the perfect place to get a taste of teaching in China. Choose Xuzhou for your placement, and you’ll gain authentic experience of life in China and great exposure to the Chinese language.

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Teaching in Xuzhou

Xuzhou is the only city currently available on our 7-week Summer Teaching Programme. We offer placements here with a long-standing partner of ours, to whom we’ve sent more than 50 teachers over the years. Run by an experienced local couple who have worked in education for years, this placement is ideal for anyone looking to gain excellent teaching experience and explore an interesting city.

Teachers will work with Primary/Middle School students aged between 7-15. You’ll be responsible for planning and leading your own lessons, focusing on helping students to practice and improve their spoken English. You’ll be provided with a classroom assistant, textbooks and guidance, though there’ll be plenty of opportunity to think outside the box and use your creativity to make your lessons special.


Summer Teachers in Xuzhou are expected to teach for a minimum of 4.5 hours per day, made up by several short lessons lasting up to 40 mins. You will usually only work with a few groups of students, giving you the chance to get to know them and see their progress. Each lesson block is followed by a short break to give you and your students a chance to relax.

Food & Accommodation

Our Xuzhou Summer Teachers receive food and accommodation as part of the programme fee. You will be housed in a nearby apartment for the duration of the placement, which is equipped with comfortable beds, a bathroom and air-conditioning.

Teachers are required to share an apartment with another participant of the same sex.

The school provides three meals a day for all teachers. Should you choose to eat outside the school, you will be responsible for the cost of this.

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Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Xuzhou Summer School isn’t all about learning; outside of classroom hours, students take part in various activities like water fights, basketball matches and dumpling making classes. Though participation is optional, we advise our teachers to join activities where possible to make the most of the experience.

Each year towards the end of the camp, the school lays on a talent show which foreign teachers are encouraged to join. It’s the perfect opportunity to put your hidden talents to use, or to simply have a laugh!

Free Time & Travel

Outside of teaching hours, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore. Use your evenings and weekends to visit local attractions like Xuzhou Museum of Terracotta Warriors, Xuzhou Han City, Quanshan National Forest Park or Yulong Mountain, or head further afield to Beijing or Shanghai.

Once you’ve finished your placement, it’s possible to stay on to explore some of China’s more far flung cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin or Zhangjiajie.

Interested in teaching English in Xuzhou? Find out more about our Summer Teaching Programme, or apply now to start your summer adventure!