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Ben Pearce recently returned to the UK after four years living and working in Haining. He has reached an excellent standard of Mandarin and is now teaching the language to students of various ages in London. In this blog, he shares some of his top tips to help you get started with learning Mandarin.



Using Your ESL Teaching Experience to Get a Job

Some people do it to gain teaching experience, some for a productive gap year, others to explore the world. But [...]

April 3rd, 2019|Careers, General, Teaching in China|0 Comments

Georgia Bellis-Jones: How Learning Chinese Has Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Georgie! If you’ve read my previous blog piece I wrote for Teach English In China about [...]

November 2nd, 2018|Careers, Learning Mandarin|0 Comments

Life As A Musician in Shanghai

By Ben, Long-term teacher in Shanghai 2017-present Having been an active and gigging musician in the U.K for many years, [...]

July 18th, 2018|Careers, General|0 Comments

How Teaching In China Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Dave and this week marks my 5th year living and teaching in China. The past 5 [...]

July 11th, 2017|Careers|0 Comments

Sheree Hooker (2013-2014 programme). Career after China: Freelance Travel Blogger

Sheree Hooker (2013-2014 paid teaching programme) Career after China: Freelance Travel Blogger Why China? In all honesty, I still don’t [...]

March 13th, 2017|Careers|0 Comments

How a Year in China Launched my Teaching Career

Helena Jane (2013 summer & 2014-2015 paid teaching programme). Career After China: Teach First I remember thinking, ‘I could do [...]

March 3rd, 2017|Careers|0 Comments

Taylor Valley (2016 programme). Career after China: Masters in International Relations

Teaching English in China was an exciting and new experience for me. Never before had I taught children, nor had I been to China. […]

October 31st, 2016|Careers, General|0 Comments

How I Launched a Successful Career From China

Keiran Jones Taught English in China: summer 2010 Current Job Title: Sales and other freelancing opportunities with Mandarin […]

August 15th, 2016|Careers|0 Comments

My Journey From Foreign to Primary School Teacher

Chloe Campen Taught English in China: summer 2012 Current Job Title: Primary School teacher […]

April 4th, 2016|Careers|0 Comments

Kimberley Parker (2011-2012 programme). Career after China: finance

Kimberley Parker Taught English in China January 2011- December 2012 Current Job Title: Office Manager Company: Financial – Guardian Wealth Management, Dubai, UAE […]

April 3rd, 2016|Careers, General|0 Comments

Anthony Ward (2014-2015 programme). Career after China: teaching

Anthony Ward Taught English in China August 2014- June 2015 Current Job Title: PGCE Student […]

April 2nd, 2016|Careers, General|0 Comments

Sandip Samra (2013 programme). Career after China: communications

Sandip Samra Taught English in China: summer 2013 Current Job Title: Communications Coordinator, university Before that: Fundraising and Communications Officer, homelessness charity […]

April 1st, 2016|Careers, General|0 Comments