Project Description

Hello there! My name is Anthony. I first became part of Teach English In China in 2014 when I did my year long placement in Beijing. I came out of university and decided I wanted an adventure that would be enjoyable as well as being productive. Teach English in China seemed perfect to fulfill that desire.

I taught in a middle school, teaching students aged 12 to 13 year olds. Within my time away I got myself involved with the social media aspect of the company. Notably I created many video blogs about my time away, which staggered up over 100,000 views. I have also contributed to credible blogs and articles with my knowledge of living in China.

Since my time away I have worked very closely with past, present and future teachers. I have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to teaching, therefore I provide teacher training at orientation days and assist with any teachers needs or queries. I have close connections to universities up and down the country and I often deliver presentations representing the company at career events.

I am always at hand if you need any help or advice with anything, having done the process myself. The experience has been huge for my personal growth and I encourage you to get involved and be creative. You can email me anytime at and I am more than willing to assist with any help or ideas you may have.