Want to teach in China but worried you’ve missed the boat? Look no further! Begin your placement in October or February with our State School Teaching Programme.

If our TEFL Training Programme doesn’t work for you, don’t worry; you can join our State School Teaching Programme and begin your placement at a more suitable time. With 2 different start dates and varied contract lengths available, this programme is ideal for anyone with a late graduation, or prior commitments. We work closely alongside a handful of trusted partners to find you your ideal teaching job in a safe, reputable school in one of 5 exciting destinations.

No teaching experience or knowledge of Mandarin is necessary; we’ll provide you with the support you need to head to China feeling prepared. And once you’re there, you’ll receive a week-long training period at your school before taking over your classes!

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Programme Highlights

We aim to ensure that you head to your host city ready to make the most of the experience. To help you quickly find your feet, all of our state school teaching jobs in China include support from our team, in addition to the following.


Before you begin teaching, you’ll have a week-long induction period at your school, during which you’ll observe classes, meet your colleagues and receive a class schedule and materials to help you get started.


You’ll receive a monthly salary of between 5,000 – 16,000 RMB per month, depending on location. Salaries are always relative to the cost of living and provide teachers a comfortable  income that goes a long way!


Though you’ll need to pay for your flights up front, these costs will be reimbursed* by your school during your time in China. In some cases, schools also reimburse the costs associated with applying for a work visa.


You’ll get to enjoy a 4-6 week-long summer break over July/August, as well as several long weekends throughout the year. In some cases this vacation is paid, and it gives you the perfect chance to travel around China or other parts of Asia!


All schools** offer free accommodation in a shared or private apartment. Accommodation is equipped with all the essentials, including air conditioning and western toilets to make your stay comfortable.


Our Orientation Day and social media groups give you a chance to get to know your colleagues and meet others already in China before you even arrive! This will help make the settling in process much easier and quicker.


Choose between 5 different cities and school types to find your ideal placement and stay for 1 or 2 semesters – the choice is yours! Whatever kind of location and age group you’re looking for, we can help.

Orientation Day

All participants are invited to attend our day-long Orientation Day in London a few weeks before departure. Here you can meet other participants, chat to ex-teachers, and clear up any last-minute nerves!

Member’s Area

All programme participants receive access to our exclusive Teach English In China Member’s Area, which contains a Lesson Plan Library, tips on various aspects of life in China and placement specific resources.

*Flight reimbursements are lower (5000 RMB) for placements for 4.5 months

**Schools in Shanghai pay a higher salary to cover the cost of private rentals (3,000 – 6,000 RMB p/m depending on location and living arrangements)

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Below are all the placement cities available on this programme. Please note, if you wish to start your placement in August on this programme, you can go to Xuzhou. If you wish to begin in August and go to Beijing or Shanghai, you must apply for our TEFL Training Programme. Contracts are for 11 months, but Xuzhou also accept teachers for 1 term (4.5 months), which you can start in either August or February. Contact us for more information.

  • Shanghai

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  • Beijing

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  • Xuzhou

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The Practical Parts


This Programme begins at various points throughout the academic year. You can begin your placement in August*, October and February. Options are available for a period of 4.5* or 11 months, and you must be able to commit to work in China for the whole of your chosen period.


All participants will go to China on a Z-type Work Visa. This takes around 3 months to prepare and apply for, so you must be able to dedicate time to this prior to your departure. Teach English In China will guide you through the application process step-by-step to make the process more manageable.


To be considered for our State School Programme, you must be a final-year student* or graduate, holding a passport from the UK, Ireland, US, New Zealand, Australia or Canada. You must also be enthusiastic about and have an interest in foreign cultures and helping others learn.

TEFL Course

A 120-hour TEFL course is required for you to be able to teach in China. You do not need to hold a certificate at the time of applying, though you’ll need to enrol in a course soon after.

A TEFL course is not included in this programme, though our teachers can get exclusive rates on a range of TEFL UK courses.


We charge a support fee for participation in our State School Programme, which includes the pre-departure services and in-country support we provide. This is paid in two instalments; the first upon enrolment and the second around 3 months before the placement begins.

£400 €460 $550 $765 $715 $700

You will be responsible for the upfront cost of the TEFL, visa, visa administration fees (inc. legalisation and medical) and flights. All schools offering a contract for 11 months will reimburse flights in full, those offering a contract for 4.5 months will reimburse 5000 RMB for flights. Some will also reimburse the visa administration fees. 

*You can apply in your final year of university, though you must have graduated by the time you go to China to be eligible for the work visa.

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