Project Description

Hello all! I’m Arnold and I am one of the founders of Teach English In China. I was inspired to start it up back in 2005 after spending an incredible year teaching in Wuhan, a large city in China.

The main reason I started the company was because I saw just how rewarding teaching in China can be in terms of transferrable skills and the doors they can open. It is something I felt that more people would do if only they knew more about the opportunities available and how to access them.

My initial reason for going to China was that I was looking for an interesting and worthwhile way to spend the year between my degree and the masters at LSE in London. My field of study being social science and politics, the idea of getting a first-hand insight into China’s society greatly appealed to me. One of the best things about this experience was living like a local rather than a tourist: interacting with local people on a daily basis and finding out what life in China is all about.

Many people apply for this programme for similar reasons as myself, while others want to gain teaching experience, learn Mandarin or boost their CV by getting invaluable international work experience. In the past ten years I’ve seen lots of people go to China on this programme and have wonderful placements which then aid their future career path.

My main roles in the company are conducting interviews and working with our Chinese partners to allocate school to successful candidates.

I would recommend that if you are interested in applying you spend some time researching the testimonials and videos by our recent teachers. Over the years lots of different people have contributed and their accounts give you an idea what working in China is all about.

If this is something that appeals to you and you could see yourself doing, we’d love to hear from you.



Interview with Arnold about Teach English In China

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