Project Description

Hello everyone!

My name’s Tom and I am the recruiter Teach English in China in Australia!

My desire to travel to China came two years after I graduated from university in England. I’d always wanted to travel after university but never had enough money and after working three different jobs in three different labs across the UK I hadn’t saved nearly enough money to travel for the length of time I wanted to. When I found out about teaching English in China it was the perfect way to travel whilst earning money and really learn about Chinese culture and language rather than get a very mild overview that travellers get before moving on to the next country or city (a reservation I had about travelling before I found out about Teach English In China).

I took part in the year-long teaching programme in Wuhan at Wuhan Sports University from 2016 to 2017. Teaching in Wuhan offered me so many amazing opportunities like judging English competitions and plays, learning mandarin and teaching a second semester module on physiotherapy to sports students (in English!). Due to the schedule I had at the university, I managed to attend a one year Mandarin course offered by the university and in between, travel to twelve different Chinese cities and four countries (not including China).

From China I’ve now moved to Perth, Australia! I’ll be here to answer any questions from you guys in Australia about life in China, where to teach, what age group to teach and to talk about any concerns you might have about the move to China! I also know all about the working visa required to teach in China and all the steps required to get one in Australia to make the transition smooth!